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Stevie Wanders is for little kids with big hearts & adventurous spirits.


So where do we begin...

Designed in a seaside town of Australia, Stevie Wanders has always been a dream of mine! It wasn’t until I gave birth to my first baby in January 2016 that I decided I was going to turn it into reality, with all that time a new Mum has right?! I began searching through my ever-growing mountain of vintage and vintage inspired materials from years of collecting and from there I put together our first range of rompers and nappy covers.

Fast-forward a few seasons and that's when I met the outrageously talented Sara from and it has been all laughs and late nights of dreaming since then! Have you ever found that one friend where no matter how far away you grew up or how different your childhood was you now find yourselves lost in endless conversations about everything and anything? Well that's us. She's the Yin to my Yang, the olive to my martini and one of my closest friends.

Both Sara and I are extremely passionate and dedicated to bringing you our style of gorgeous vintage inspired limited edition and handpicked must have pieces for your little babes wardrobes. Being mums ourselves, we understand the need for not only comfortable and breathable clothing for a little one but also an item that can carry through all seasons.

We want Stevie Wanders to not only be a label but a lifestyle, one that fits perfectly with yours.

Bel & Sara




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